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We’re looking for 1 Key Accounts Projects Manager to reinforce Client’s taskforce.
This Interim Management position is open to Freelance Consultants and may, eventually, lead to a recruitment.

Interested? Thanks to forward us a a COVER LETTER with your updated RESUME (in FRENCH), respecting the Template1 application format, mentioning the 558 reference.  Please send a unique file to application@veasourcing.com, along with the results of your self-assessment and confirm your man day fee.

Référence :  558
Télécharger le descriptif : 220613_Ref558_France.pdf
Take your self-assessment here : https://www.veasourcing.com/fy3
You are asked to evaluate yourself as honestly as possible on each of the stated search criteria.
You will be given a final indicative score, in the form of a percentage. It will allow you to weigh up the merits and the relevance of your application and, therefore, your chances of being selected for this assignment.
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