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Client general terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions guarantee you a balanced, simple and secure contractual relationship for the duration of the contract.

VÉA Sourcing ensures a versatile contractual service. Two levels of contracts are established, one between VÉA Sourcing and the Client and the other between VÉA Sourcing and the Consultant.

Both contracts reflect each other to ensure consistency between the main clauses of the Client and those of the Consultant.

Our main contractual terms provide for:
  • The non-solicitation of a VÉA Sourcing consultant (except as part of an agreement negotiated at the end of the contract),
  • The non-competition agreement (no additional trade agreement possible with the Consultant throughout the duration of the contract with EVA Sourcing),
  • Confidentiality agreement that engages the consultant during his or her mission,
  • The application of French law to the contact.

VÉA Sourcing ensures the entire financial relationship with the Consultant (Client invoicing, reminders, payment).
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