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Recruiting right, straight off

Key steps of a search

Our process is based on rapidity and responsiveness, we optimize the search time to present you the best candidates and start your illico projects.

1. Setting the brief with the Client

The brief is the precise, attractive and key element: it mobilizes our energy to attract the best candidates.

2. Spreading the offer throughout our network of consultants.
Our consultants are alerted immediately (push email, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), those interested and available respond, sometimes within minutes of publication.

3. Qualifying candidates & submitting them to the Client

Only the people who meet at least 80% of the customer's needs are selected as candidates.

4. Interviewing the candidates
Moment of truth, a consulting or transition management assignment is often based on a good Client / Consultant fit.

5. Validating the contract

A clear contract for the consultant and transparent conditions for the client. VÉA Sourcing ensures both parties an optimized relationship.

6. Starting the Mission
We often manage to cover the 6 steps within 48 hours flat.
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