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VÉA Consultants

VÉA Sourcing offers a line of services in its areas of intervention, which brings together specialized experts, immediately fungible with your Clients.

  • Having a thorough knowledge of specific operational issues in line with your business:
    • A network of approximately 10,000 General Managers or Dedicated Experts (Interim Managers, Transition Managers, Project Managers, Consultants) in France and around the world,
    • A "field" knowledge of your problems, 
    • Ability to manage skills for different sectors.
  • Bringing together the skills required to ensure a coordinated solution to all your problems:
    • A panel of expertise and seniority in France and abroad,
    • "Customized" offers to meet your exact needs from an "external perspective", with strong recommendations and objectivity.
    • A single contact, an operational consultant, who guarantees the quality of the services provided, exercises his authority and facilitation skills on teams involved with your Clients.

The pragmatic and hard working men and women of the VÉA Sourcing network have been meeting your expectations through their expertise and professionalism of their trades since 2003.
VÉA Sourcing
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