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Types of profiles we are looking for

VÉA Sourcing is constantly looking for qualified professionals for its clients (consulting firms or companies).

For our Freelance candidates, we are looking for genuine independent entrepreneurs who have set up their own small enterprises or who propose umbrella company services, people who practice this profession by choice and who have demonstrated long-term viability. We favor "hybrid" profiles with operational and consulting experience ("dual role") and expertise in the basic principles of change, project and program management (PMO).

For our interim manager or transition manager profiles, we are looking for experienced candidates within known structures, who are able to integrate quickly into a new environment, a new company and a new team.

For our junior or senior consultant profiles, we are looking for candidates with first experiences in recognized firms, who master the basic principles of consulting and know how to deal with a Client.

If you think you have the right VÉA Sourcing profile, we invite you to subscribe to our mailing list to receive our offers. You can also become a follower of our VÉA Sourcing page on LinkedIn.

If you wish to respond to one of our offers, please use the downloadable VÉA Sourcing résumé template below and don't forget to attach a (brief) cover letter.
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