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Recruiting right, straight off

Main stages of recruiting candidates

Our process is based on rapidity and responsiveness, therefore, we expect the same qualities from our candidates.

1. Sending your résumé and cover letter

If a search campaign catches your eye, send us your résumé and cover letter (in Word format). We put great emphasis on the cover letter, because it often makes the difference for Clients.
By default, if candidates have not been contacted within ten days, they should assume that their application was not retained.

2. Qualifying candidates
Within a maximum of 48 hours (and often less), we will inform you if your profile matches the needs of our Client. We then send your application in a neutral format.
Only the people who meet at least 80% of the customer's needs are selected as candidates.

3.  VÉA Sourcing Interview

If the Client selects your application, we proceed to the first interview to make routine checks and prepare you for the Client interview.

4.  Client Interview
VÉA Sourcing organizes an interview over the phone or face to face with the Client. Most often, we are present to assist in decision-making and speed up the start of the mission.

5. Validating the contract

A clear contract for the consultant and transparent conditions for the client. VÉA Sourcing provides both parties an optimized relationship.

6. Starting the Mission
On your marks... We often manage to cover the 6 steps within 48 hours flat.
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