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To attract the best candidates at "hypersonic" speed, the brief must provide all the answers to the expectations of our Expert Consultants. Here are the sections that VÉA Sourcing covers in each of its search campaigns.
For readability reasons (our network being widely recognized at an international level), we now publish almost all of our job search campaigns in English.

Consultant level + seniority + expertise.
Ex: 1 Senior APS Expert Consultant


Client Category & Sector + other relevant information (the Client's name is never revealed).
Ex: An international player in the Health / Pharma process industry.

Place of mission and region of travel.
Ex: Near Paris + occasional trips to provinces / foreign countries.


Scope of the mission and overview of the context.

Example: An extensive program to reduce costs and improve the quality of customer service has been launched by our Client who wants to improve the management of his flows and better reach his industrial goals.
He wants to support his efforts by implementing a software solution for advanced planning ("Advanced Planning and Scheduling" or "Advanced Planning Systems"), including a sales forecast / order forecast and planning / production scheduling that adapts to the reality of his process, information flows and flowing materials (from suppliers to distributors).

technicalprofileTechnical Profile
Technical expertise and qualifications of the consultant.


  • Demonstrable knowledge of APS market tools and information systems (in various environments),
  • Previous experience required of a minimum of 1 or 2 choices of APS (a plus if for a process industry),
  • Demonstrated knowledge of sales forecasting, planning and production scheduling,
  • Good knowledge of "push" and "pull" models,
  • Expertise in techniques to reduce inventory based on sales forecasts (without breaks, from the consumer to the supplier of raw materials),
  • Know-how for improving the inventory turnover and reduce replenishment time,
  • Accustomed to the allocation of materials and plant resources, the use of optimization algorithms and calculation of uncertainties and variability,
  • Experience in change management (5+ years),
  • Able to work in either bottom-up or top-down,
  • Result-oriented culture,
  • Accustomed to addressing strategic issues with high value-added for the Client,
  • Able to adapt to the culture and universe of the Client (and to be accepted by his or her highly skilled teams)
  • Frequent follow-ups and regular reporting will be requested.


Daily rate (or annual if long-term mission) and expense reimbursement policy.
Ex: Salary to be negotiated, depending on the profile, reimbursement (Paris).

Probability of occurrence of the mission (signed contract, business proposition phase...).
Ex: 30% (AO at a key Client), the project is still in the business proposition and team building phase.


Working languages of the mission.
Ex: French, English (bilingual).

startendStart / End
Beginning and end of the mission with information on the possibility of renewal.
Ex: Starting on February 1st for a renewable period of three months.


Full or part-time (if part-time, provide the number of days per week or per month).
Ex: Part-time, approximate workload of 30 days (indicative and non-contractual term).
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